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Hello, my name's Biff. I'm an AOL-SUX-aholic.
Hello, Biff!
Listening to the media go on and on about the information superhighway put me over the edge. It seems these media clowns tell AOL horror stories then call them Internet horror stories. There are some good people at AOL. I know both of them and they both have real Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
Think public education is going to hell in a hand basket? Worried about Goals 2000 or "Outcome Based Education"? Consider this. One of the kids brought home an AOL disk. His teacher gave it to him as a reward. High achievement gets you 10 free hours of AOL (the great equalizer).
The last straw was AOL Experts explaining the 'Net to the masses.
From: Damien Doe
Subject: bad link
I tried following the link from "AOL experts" explain the internet to the masses and got a message that their web-page had been updated and that the link no longer existed -- hmmmm.... was that a strike on their part?
I think it dawned on the powers that be at AOL that appearing to be idiots is bad enough without a couple of boneheads shooting their collective mouths off to prove it.

Now they're running some lame-brain column to prove they don't understand usenet newsgroups. http://www.aol.com/rants/scoop/

Later, I've got an AOL voodoo doll that needs a few more free AOL disks stuck into it.
If you're currently using AOL for Internet access, have I got a deal for you.
Time for a little satire.

Trent wants to use your AOL disks for a good cause. Check it out:
Trent's AOL disks
Nikki's 1997 AOL Collection - Nikki's turning those AOL disks into Christmas presents.

Looking for a good ISP

Philip thinks there is hope for AOL users.

I think the only AOL users who aren't addicted to "chat rooms" are hackers using AOL for free Internet access.

Prove one of us wrong! Check out: Introduction to Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

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Not in the pyramid yet.

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Because it's time. Build it and they will come.
I guess it's none of my business, but...
How can I become part of this great enterprise?
If your running Netscape, read "Wannabe a Member". If you're running lynx, we need to talk.
alt.aol-sucks FAQ Part 1/3 - Censorship

Hate Mail

Dear Biff,
You suck!
TL, President AOL

Dear Prez,
You'll have to speak to my girlfriend about having that chrome removed from your trailer hitch.

Fan Mail

Dear Biff,
Iced T

Dear Ice Cube,

Dear Biff,
It's about time.
Albert Einstien

Dear Albert,
It's all relative but it's really about AOL.

Dear Biff,
AOL lied to me. They're not really the internet. Can you tell me who is?

Dear Heart Broken,
What you're looking for is an ISP. Check out http://www.aaanime.net/isp/ for more info
Before you start jumping for joy, read Perfect Tommy's "Kill Your Provider"

Some Dork Was HereDear WebWalker,
Your page (AOL Sux Pyramid) was visited by a representative of DORX inc., and we've reached a verdict...


Yours is the prestigious honor of wearing our GIF OF SUXINESS.
If you accept or wish to retort; please reply.

Dear DORX inc.,
Thank you. I can't express in words how honored I am to receive this prestigious award. I'm dreamed since childhood of this moment -- but I must thank all the little people who made it possible. First, Steve Chase. Steve's AOL has inspired us all to SUX. My dog, Zorra (someone told me to always add some human interest to my speeches). The cockroaches in the kitchen that remind me of AOL when I turn on the light at night -- but mostly I have to thank all those damn AOL "free hours" disks that made the dog's new house possible and launched a thousand new jokes on the internet. So in conclusion, I must say this page will wear the GIF OF SUXINESS forever with great pride (or at least until the thought police haul my ass away).

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If you would like to display our award on your site, 
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        ursux dotcom staff

Just down right confused.

Dear Biff,
This Sucks !!! AOL Rules !!!
U. R. Lame, A Legend in my own mind.

Dear Biff,
I'm going to have AOL cancel your internet account.
Ima Nutt

Dear Biff,
Me too!
R. E. Dundent

Dear Biff,
Who are you bastards and how did you get this crap into my web site?
The Web Walker -- http://www.lies.com/

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