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Ixquick: For review
Alta Vista: Main Page (Advanced).
DejaNews Research Service - query form
Ask Jeeves - New interface to search engines.
Metaspy - What is everyone else searching for?

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Multimeta: The Meta Search Engine - simultaneous metasearch in the major international search engines.


Current Events

Drudge Report   Ananova News   Dawn   DEBKAfile   Jane's   STRATFOR   My Yahoo!   Global Incident Map  

Reference Resources

Translation Service
The Ebonics Translator
Pig Latin Converter.. or something (audio file)

HTML Validation Service
NetMind Free Services Home Page

Domain Lookup (Internic, Network Solutions)
Internet Country Codes
IP Address Lookup
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
RES-Links: The All-in-One Resource Page
Exploring the Internet
The - Megasearch the web. - Official website for searching the U.S. Government.
Search the US Constitution.
Duhaime's Law Dictionary.

All for free list - Free services on the Internet.
The List - Lookup an ISP by area code.

NPA Information Area Codes

Frank Dietz, Ph.D. - glossaries and dictionaries

gethuman database   
Dictionary   Thesaurus   
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Search the Constitution
CIA -- The World Factbook

The Wayback Machine - Archive of old web pages.

The Internet Movie Database.

Dictionary, Rhyming, Crossword Puzzle Solver, Scrabble, Thesaurus, & Quotations
OneLook Dictionaries (Dictionary), The Faster Finder
The Virtual Reference Desk
IPL Reference Center - Internet Public Library
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Netter's Abbreviation/Acronym Glossary

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Online Encyclopedia
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia
Delphion Intellectual Property Network - Search patents of the world
Databases: Patent Full-Text and Bibliographic
Patent Resources
Yahoo! Reference

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