Monica Lewinsky

White House Trailer Trash Soap Opera

Starring Smucko, Booba and That Woman

Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 22:25:07 -0500
To: [email protected]
From: anonymous
Subject: Tasteless (Monica Lewinsky)

It has come to my attention{thru a very reliable whitehouse source}that,at
about 12.15 after the press conference,McCurry entered the oval
office{without knocking}and found the first person and Toni Blare,the
P.Minister of DRAGVILLA in  a 
 to nose lock & load.The P.Minister was
reported{by a sneaky vast rightwing conspirator}to be on his{her
 }knees in
a PHIL AETCHIO position.The P.Man was was reportedly dressed in a black low
cut dress with a dark beret on her head.The first man reportedly had a CD
playing on his head! 

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March 22, 1998

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