Wannabe A Member?

To become part of the AOL SUX Pyramidtm

  1. Create an AOL sucks web page (or use one of those you already have hanging around).
  2. Add the AOL SUX Pyramidtm logo. If use choose to resize the GIF, remember to change the image map information. Shift click the following links to download the files you'll need.
  3. Point the top link (A) of the logo back to an existing AOL SUX Pyramidtm page with an open link.
  4. Point the "SUX" link to a web page of your own choosing (be creative).
  5. E-Mail the owner of the page with the open link.
  6. Recruit two people for your open links (O and L> or wait for the fawning masses to beat a path to your door.
  7. Don't forget to add your E-Mail address to your page. Please forward copies of interesting e-mail to me. I'll add it to the home page.