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First, I should tell you I made this page for one of my home-page-less friends. You know them. They're always hanging out at the onramp to information superhighway with signs that read, "Will code html for food." They live under the bridge to the 21th century begging for bits and bytes. We used to call them information bums. Now they are the "access challenged." The "Mister, do your windows for an AOL disk" bunch are now paraded before our children as cultural heroes. What happened to Mother Blue, Apple home computers and the hacker way? Bill Gates is what happened. Did I mention today, September 29, is my granddaughter pearl's birthday?

But that's not important right now. Before I fall to the floor and start foaming at the mouth, let's get on with this web page.

I don't really think of myself as an "Amiga Die Hard." Besides the Amiga 1000, 2000 and 3000UX, I've also got three PC's on a local network -- If that's doesn't have you sending flame email to the web master (see lower right corner), then check out my tasteless page.

More to the point, check out the links provided below.

I'd hoped to finish this web page tonight but here come the doctors with my medication.

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Amiga Magazines List - The almost complete AMIGA Magazines List.
AMIGA International, Inc. Homepage - Has some links.
New Amiga Rumours< - Last updated April the 4th 1996.


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