We're doing it again.

Can you hear us now? Part II

October 16, 1996

Check out these barbs for CARB!

I've gotten enough email that I started posting it in the Mail Room. It also has what kind of responses we're getting from our state government. If you have any information to add email me at [email protected].

Saturday, August 31, 1996, I saw four letters to the editor in the San Jose Mercury News. Basically, they all said, "We were there. Your reporting was incorrect."

Monday, August 26, 1996, Mr. Roadshow decided to follow the party line and attack KSFO. This prompted me to write an Open Letter to Mr. Roadshow.

Thursday, when we got back from the Smog Check II Rally, I checked the coverage in the local newspapers. The San Jose Mercury News said, "marked by an anti-government theme." The San Francisco Chronicle lead off it's article with "Incited by radio talk shows." It was about what I'd expected so I wrote my own story, August 21st - The story they won't tell you.

Gateway to the Smog Check II Site
This information may just save your car.

KSFO - Smog Check II
This is the August 21th web site.
The radio station that started the ball rolling.
Golden State Novas Home Page
Another citizen less than pleased with Smog Check II.

KOGO 600
A San Diego Radio station joins the fight.

PushBack the Bureaucracy - Peter has an idea for dealing with the CARB swine.

Barbs for the Crabs at CARB - A few personal cheap shots at the autocrats.

The Web Walker's Journalism Awards - My opinions about the reporting we're getting from the local liberal newspapers.

If you're a Usenet News type, check out: sac.general, ca.politics and ba.broadcast.

The politicians vote on Smog Check II in October but we vote on the politicians in November.

If Marty Keller is still in his office on election day, a lot of politicians will be out of office after election day.

Yes, like something out of a bad 50's science-fiction movie, CARB is coming for your car. They may come like thieves in the night and steal it while you're sleeping. They may stop you in the middle of the road and take your car by force like a car-jacker. More likely they will come like a repro man. "A repro man doesn't avoid confrontation. He seeks it."

They may not take you car today. They may not even take it tomorrow -- But rest assured someday, somewhere, CARB will steal your car. CARB will not stop until very car in California is crushed and the pollution credits sold to their gross polluting friends. Well, maybe not all the cars.

The autocrats will continue to provide themselves with chauffeured gas-guzzling pollution-spewing whale-sized limousines at tax payer expense -- or maybe force us to pull them in rickshas or carry them around in palanquin. If that's too hi-tech for the damn Luddites, maybe we can carry them piggy-back.

What can we do about this cheap horror movie monster from hell? We could all pack up and escape from the People's Republic of California leaving the political swine and bureaucratic bastards to fester in their own filth -- or we could let the scum know "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore."

Wednesday, October 16th, 1996 is the day we can show our self-appointed royalty in Sacramento our displeasure with their out-of-control bureaucrats.

KSFO 560 AM will be broadcasting live from the West steps of the State Capital Building in Sacramento. From 6:00 AM until noon, Melanie Morgan, Geoff Metcalf and Lee Rodgers will be covering the Smog Check II issues.
KOGO 600 is also be joining the fun from San Diego.

For details, check out KSFO - Smog Check II.

More Smog Check II information

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Horror stories. It's already happening in other states and Europe.
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Pollution credits are being traded as futures.
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This nightmare has been going on since 2012.

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More about ridiculous pollution credit programs.
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