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Off hand I don't think there's anything I can say about Joe Bob Briggs that someone else hasn't already said and put on the net (Check out those links to your right).

Like most everyone else, I've exchanged some email with him but I don't figure that really means I know him. Hell, someone else had to tell me he was a liberal.

Some of you are probably wondering about that dumb link is down there. Well, I remember (not that I remember real well) reading one of Joe Bob's reviews about driving to France to see the Cannes Film Festival. So I just thought I'd toss it in. Maybe I should add a link to France too?

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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 21:27:00 -0700
From: truenewbie <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: Joe Bob Briggs
Hi there webmaster, I hear you manage a site for the Joe Bob Briggs character. Well, I'm writing for the webmaster for a new site that's called "Heard it On the Grapevine". Its about the Grapevine Drive and Grapevine's hero Joe Bob Briggs among others. I plan to take this site live on June 10th. It is very funny satire written by three Texas ladies. I would like to get the site as much exposure as possible. Being that Joe Bob Briggs is mentioned in this site I would ask that you would consider giving us a link. I would apreciate it and these three ladies from Texas that write all this funny stuff would appreciate it. Our domain name is If you would like to get an idea of what the content is like go to That's the url for the first edition. There are 43 in total. All of them will be ready for our June 10th launch. Below is an introduction that will be included with the first edition. If you have any questions, just send me an email. Thanks again, Jim Lucas ***************************** HEARD IT ON THE GRAPEVINE'S IN-CONSTRUCTION PAGE IS BELOW *****************************

In Grapevine's beginning, there was the drive-in and life was good. From its loins issued the Brigg's, including Joe Bob--one of the most famous Grapeviners; the Biggerstaffs, the Bodines, the Claytons, the Cooters, the Sibleys, the Garcias and all manner of life that swam in the streams, walked the fields and lived under the rocks in Grapevine. Into this Eden came the snake and she was large and scaly in her mind.

Her name was Cherry May and she carried within her an anger born from deeds commited in another drive-in long since destroyed. When she beheld the Aerated Cinedrome, her anger enflamed her. Seizing the whip of her tongue, she laid upon the masses assembled in the Third Temple of Televangelbaptists until they burst forth into the streets. Her vitriolic words rained down on them with the force of a midnight deluge and the sting of hail. And they were not good.

With her minions, she drove the Briggs, the Biggerstaffs, the Bodines, the Claytons, the Sibleys, the Garcias and all the others from the warm bosom of the drive-in...and life ceased to be good...all manner of life and liveliness were banished from Grapevine and the happiness drained from their hearts and their evenings fell empty...Left with no movies to review, Joe Bob Briggs left Grapevine for the big city.

Become a vicarious citizen of Grapevine and find out what happens after the drive-in closes. Find out why Cherry May is so obsessed with purity.

Find out how Chester Biggerstaff has kept the memory of Joe Bob Briggs alive even though he has left Grapevine. Discover the Bodine's secrets.

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Since the Pleiades Web Site Review has failed to post my review of The Grapevine Tattler, I'll just publish it myself. -- Your have to love the Internet where there are no high sheriffs to decide who has freedom of speech.

Two thumbs up. With the miracle of genetic inheritance due to my parents being so poor they had to share the same mother and father, I thought having two thumbs on my left hand would provide me with an opposable position. Sadly, that is not the case. How can I disagree with the self-proclaimed critics enumerated above? [see Pleiades Web Site Review: The Grapevine Tattler: Chronicle of Joe Bob Briggs town]

There is no room on the Internet for humor that is not approved by a third party. -- While Ross Perot's "I wouldn't change spark plugs on my crazy aunt in the attic without a double jigger of Grape Vine Tattler" comment left many confused, I think we all know what he means. -- Would you post a web page on the Internet without the approval of the Internet critics?

I saw the movie, Life of Brian, and my eldest was born with two heads. Imagine what a grape tattler thingy will do to the spawn of your loins.

I and the growing horde of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire viewers demand you put a stop to independent web site publishers and not view this web site.

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