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Shameless Self Serving Plugs

Internet Paranoia!

No, it doesn't come at three in the morning like some burned out drug addict looking to steal lawn ornaments from your front yard to hock for his next fix.

No, Internet paranoia comes in broad daylight with the brass balls of a BATF agent serving a warrant in Waco, Texas.

Like a midnight rapist, it lurks behind the "Receive Mail" menu. You don't know if it will be flames from complete strangers, clueless well wishers you spend the next hour trying to figure out how to tell you have no idea what they are talking about, overdue notices from your ISP, the dreaded copyright violation notice from a corporate greed-head, an editor trying to get that story you got that advance for a year ago, your ex-wife's lawyer demanding back alimony, someone from one of those adult chat rooms wanting to meet you in the real world or just another junk email with the same old "Make Money Fast" scam you don't want to read again.

Continued on next rock.

Some readers have been asking how to find my works.

Currently there are five web sites deranged (desperate) enough to publish my madness.

Cotton Candy Dreams and Broccoli Lies - This is a blog. They tell me it is the way of the future. It is my late night comments on the human condition. Some observations on the sorry state of modern politics. It has no reverence for the politically correct or other progressive sacred cows.

The Web Surfers Report

Your Daily Online

NOT!News - Parody of the liberal media. (but sorry to say, it is no more)

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy



Sites that have picked us my Usenet postings.