Monica Lewinsky

White House Trailer Trash Soap Opera

Starring Smucko, Booba and That Woman

Visit Spumco! Q: How can you tell Clinton's face from his ass?
A: White House interns don't suck the back of his head.
Monica's latest boyfriend arrested for smoking in a "No Smoking" area.

Clinton's prison nickname: Big Butt One.

How much semen would a semen stain stain if a semen stain could stain semen?

Monica Lewinsky talked but did she go all the way.

Did the grand jury get a full blow by blow account of events in the Oval Office?

A sneaky informant named Tripp
Provided her fans with this tip:
   "Hot scandals may hover
   Behind a case cover
And other things men can unzip."

Order now
before the zipper of opportunity closes.

A D.A who'd just passed the bar
Told Monica, "Come as you are.
   There's no need to dress
   We don't want to mess
With evidence you can show Starr."

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